Laser Welding Machines for Making Gold Chains Automatic Jewelry Chain Making Machine

Laser Welding Machines for Making Gold Chains Automatic Jewelry Chain Making Machine

CZPT welding devices for creating gold chains computerized jewelry chain creating equipment

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CZPT CZPT Engineering Co.,Ltd is a specialist China complete automtaic laser welded chain generating device maker, with expert factory we are often ready to provide you price reduction complete automtaic laser welded chain generating equipment, laser welded figaro control and cable chains, bismark laser chains laser welded equipment, rope chain laser welded equipment, figaro chains laser welded equipment, curb chains laser welded equipment with reliable quality.


CZPT welding can be utilized in welding stainless steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, chromium, nickel, titanium and other metals or alloys, can also be utilised for a assortment of welding among different materials, this kind of as: copper – brass, titanium – gold, Titanium – molybdenum, nickel – copper and so on.

It can be utilized to produce a variety of chains, such as one clasp facet chain, bismarck chain, curb chain, double chain, cross chain and twist chain.


SW-PFLW  CZPT Welding system

Fiber optical transmission laser welding machine is a laser welding products which partners the higher vitality laser beams into the optical fiber, following prolonged-length transmission, then reworked into parallel lights by way of collimating mirror to  be centered on the function piece to implement the welding.It truly is more adaptable to apply flexible transmission of non-contact welding for these difficult to weld web site. The laser beam can understand the spectrum separation on time and energy, can be multi-beam processing at the exact same time, for much more precise welding gives the situations.

1. Optional CCD camera monitoring technique, simple to notice and specific positioning.

2. Uniform power distribution of welding place, the very best place necessary for welding traits.

three.  Adapt to a variety of intricate welds, spot welding of numerous devices, and inside 1mm sheet of seam welding.

four.  CZPTized computerized fixture for mass manufacturing.

five.  CZPTed gold cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, life 8-10 years, xenon lamp life’s much more than 800 million times.

6. Non-contact processing, tension totally free, noiseless, no air pollution to the environment, which belongs to the environmentally friendly processing.

seven. High laser power density, modest thermal impact location, not simple deformation, less or no subsequent processing.

8. Easy spot welding, stack welding, splicing and continuous welding.

nine. Good top quality laser beam, large conversion effectiveness and for that reason high welding pace, high facet ratio, high strength.

10. Good welding good quality, easy and gorgeous visual appeal.

eleven. Solder joints non-pollution, weld power and toughness at minimum equivalent to or more powerful than the base steel.


CZPT energy 100W
CZPT wavelength 1064nm
CZPT source Lamp pump
Welding frequency ≤100Hz
Solitary pulse energy one-50J
Pulse energy ≤50J(60-100J optional)
Fiber cable core diameter .3mm/.4mm/.6mm
Emphasis Lens 70/80/90/a hundred/120/150mm
Rated power ≤6kw
Power supply AC220V ± ten% 50 / 60HZ
Cooling technique drinking water cooling
Management System  Microcomputer plan management
Weight 120kg

SW-350 Chain making Machine

Large pace woven chain producing equipment can woven .19 ~ .six mm chain of gold, silver, and twelve ~ 24 k gold, platinum, copper and other metal chain. Simultaneously its matched laser soldering device can weld sorts of chains routinely. The entire equipment is straightforward to function, large generation fee (can weave 300 ~ 350 links/min). It can be used to make numerous chains, these kinds of as single clasp aspect chain, bismarck chain, suppress chain, double chain, cross chain and twist chain.

1. Can be geared up with a SIRMA 90 ° laser head or straight head.

two.Place power distribution is uniform and stable, no towline phenomenon.

three. Can weld .19-.6mm diameter stainless steel, K gold, 925 silver, pure gold chain.

4. CZPTed British ceramic condenser cavity, anti-corrosion, heat resistant, daily life (8-10) many years, xenon lamp life of far more than 800 million instances.

five. Non-contact processing, pressure totally free, noiseless, no pollution to the setting, which belongs to the eco-friendly processing.

six. Substantial laser power density, modest thermal effect area, not effortless deformation, much less or no subsequent processing.

6. Excellent quality laser beam, substantial conversion effectiveness, higher welding speed.

seven. Great welding top quality, clean and beautiful visual appeal.

eight. Solder joints non-air pollution, weld energy and toughness at the very least equal to or stronger than the base steel.

9. A range of enter and output signals are extremely easy to obtain the machine’s automated creation and assembly line creation.


Model SW-350
Wire diameter parameters .2m/.6mm
Speed  350RPM
Pneumatic  .5Mpa
Input electricity 220v/50Hz
Rated electricity 350w
Weigh 70kgs


Laser Welding Machines for Making Gold Chains Automatic Jewelry Chain Making Machine


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