Double Henhouse for Layers

Double Henhouse for Layers

Automated Feeding Method with Feed Mill (crushing and mixing ), Silo, Main Feeding Line and Feeding Hopper
By making use of layer cage feeding technique, all the process is finished routinely. First, the feed will be sent to the silo by the feed mill. Then the main feeding line will be set routine to convey the feed to the hopper of each and every row of cages. Right after total filling the very last hopper, the power will be turned off by the feed sensor. Last but not least, the feed chain will distribute the feed to every single tier rapidly and uniformly.

Cage Program with Cage Internet, Cage Body and Trough-Cage
(one) 6 birds for each cage with 450cm-broad is convenient for the motion of the birds
(two) A composite mesh ground aids to reduced the mortality by using the tighter mesh spacing and to simplicity the bird’s feet
(three) The ground slop increases egg roll-out and guards eggs from grime and damage
(four) The metallic cage doorway latch is 1-handed operation. Its positive lock means the hen do not get out.  

Automizing Cooling System with Air flow Followers, Cooling Pad, Fog Spraying, Air Inlet, Thermal Insulation CZPT and Surroundings Controller
Automatic air flow and cooling technique is an essential precondition for entirely computerized numerous-layer cage feeding equipment. Because of the full-closed property with large density chicken, the inside atmosphere is completely managed by the controller, which can alter the air flow fans, cooling pad and thermal insulation door instantly according to the set temperature and humidity on the environmental controller.

Double Henhouse for Layers


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