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Agricultural 11T Sprocket



If you have an 11-ton bike, you may want to know where to find it. First of all, you can go to the local bike shop to buy an 11-ton bike. If you can’t find it there, try creating a new thread. Otherwise, you’d better ask around on the bicycle forum. I hope someone here can help. If you don’t find 11T, you can also create one! Just make sure to post the exact model and size of your bike at the time of purchase.
Shimano cs-m771-10 10 Speed cassette
Shimano cs-m771 10 Speed cassette tape adopts a rigid alloy sprocket bracket, which reduces weight and improves shift performance. This tape is the perfect bike with harsh gear changes. Despite the lightweight cassette, this bicycling equipment is still very durable. Here is more careful observation. You can buy it here for about $100. To learn more about this bike equipment, please continue to read!
Shimano XT cs-m771 10 Speed cassette tape is designed with dynamic technology to achieve smoother gear shifting, better transmission ratio, and improved pedal. The cassette tape adopts a standard MTB chain and is compatible with eight-speed, nine-speed, and ten-speed free hubs. You can also easily install tapes on your bike! CZPT cs-m771-10 road bike 10 Speed cassette is compatible with hg-x 10-speed chain.
Shimano cs-m771 10 Speed cassette is designed for installation on Shimano’s ultra 6700 bicycles. It has a rigid alloy sprocket bracket to reduce weight and improve shift performance. It is also designed to shift gears. If you need to buy a new cassette for your bike, be sure to shop at the new CZPT bike store.
11-ton sprocket of Ichi bicycle
If your old bicycle chain before the war is worn out due to too much riding, you may consider replacing the sprocket with an 11-ton model. These sprockets will be installed on the hub of Sturmey Archer or nexus Shimano. Missing teeth will help you move the chain more easily and effectively. This sprocket is designed for mounting smaller prewar bicycle chains.
Ichi bike 105 11T sprocket
If you have a CZPT 9-speed cassette, you can choose from many gear configurations. You can choose a wide or cross-ratio sprocket, or even choose an ultra-wide gear configuration. However, you must note that the 105 sprockets of CZPT are incompatible with the same chain links.
Shimano 11-speed sprocket is made of titanium and is the highest grade sprocket available on road bicycles at present. Unlike the previous generation, these sprockets do not use titanium teeth and are more expensive than titanium models. However, unlike titanium, the lightweight aluminum model is heavier than the ordinary aluminum model. Also, if you are upgrading from a 10 Speed sprocket to an 11-speed sprocket, you may want to avoid using lighter aluminum models.
If you are looking for a lighter version, cs-r9100 is a better choice. This sprocket weighs 10 grams, but if you Upgrading from 105 speed cs-r8000 or ultegra, you may need a lighter cs-r9100. There are some slight differences between the 2 models, but they both have similar transmission ratios. Cs-r8000 is 10 grams lighter than cs-r7000. The transmission ratio of the cs-6800 is slightly higher, while the cs-r7000 uses a 105-speed ultegra.


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Type: Agricultural
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Tillage, Harvester, Planting and Fertilization, Grain Threshing, Cleaning and Drying
Material: Iron
Power Source: Electricity
Weight: 1.87kg
After-sales Service: Installation Guide 3-Year Warranty

What is a sprocket?

A backlash sprocket is a sprocket with multiple teeth. The teeth are arranged at different intervals on the outer circumference of the sprocket. The bottoms of the tooth gaps are arcuate and connect opposing faces of adjacent teeth.
The backlash diameter on the backlash sprocket is larger than the diameter of the ISO tooth profile. This allows the rollers to engage the front surfaces of the teeth without causing the teeth to disengage. The result is reduced shock and noise.
as the picture shows. as the picture shows. As shown in FIG. 2, the sprocket 11 has a front surface (11a) and a rear surface (12b). The teeth are connected by a line extending from the center of rotation O of the sprocket to the center of the tooth gap bottom (13). The tooth surface on the sprocket is a convex arc of equal radius. The radius of re12a and re12b is larger than re8 of ISO tooth profile.
In addition to the tooth pitch of the sprockets, ISO sprockets have standard chains. This chain is defined as ISO 606 1994 (E). The sprocket pitch line is pc. The height of the tooth head (ha) is measured from the tooth pitch polygon.
Typically, the sprocket is secured to the shaft using one or more set screws. This means that it must be able to accommodate the keyway. To determine how much space is left, the outside diameter of the sprocket must be at least 10% larger than the pitch diameter of the shaft.
The gap tooth sprocket system provides extra precision for chain alignment. Its teeth are higher than ISO teeth.

ISO sprocket uniformity

ISO sprocket standard 606 specifies sprocket compliance for most of Europe. This standard specifies large spacings, measured in sixteenths of an inch, and expressed in metric units. It was developed before the American chain and was limited by the materials available. To ensure consistency, the ISO outer plate uses a chain size one step larger than the chain size required for the application. This results in a heavier chain. ISO sprockets are available in single, double and triple chain versions.
ANSI and ISO sprockets are interchangeable. They are based on mathematical themes and have a clear design. ISO sprockets are usually smaller than ANSI sprockets. They are also denoted with the suffix “B” to denote their chain number.

metal sprocket

Sintered metal sprocket is a metal sprocket with high mechanical properties. The tensile strength of the sprocket can reach more than 700 MPa, and the Charpy impact strength is 20 J/cm2. It’s also durable and wear-resistant.
This sprocket is used for high load applications. Its teeth are made of metal and flame-hardened. The edges of the teeth are slightly softer than the rest of the teeth. The edges of the sprockets wear out when bitten.
The sprocket is a toothed profiled wheel. It is different from a pulley that meshes with a belt. On the other hand, timing pulleys are used with toothed belts. Sprockets and chain mechanisms were also used in early cars.
Another common use for metal sprockets is in movie projectors, where they punch holes in the film. They are also used as the paper feed mechanism in some computer printers. There are several types of sprockets. Some sprockets are lightweight, while others are heavy and have flanges to keep the timing belt centered.

plastic sprocket

Plastic sprockets are ideal for a variety of applications. They reduce noise and reduce chain wear. Their compressibility also increases their overall load capacity. Some of their uses include dust-free environments, food applications and quieter chain drives. They can also be customized to your specifications.
One embodiment of the present invention includes a plastic sprocket having a co-injected outer shell and an inner core of a second material. This allows the sprocket to combine the advantages of both materials. This makes the sprocket easier to clean and lighter in weight.
There are many different materials available for plastic sprockets. One of the most popular is Duro-Glide(r) UHMW-PE. However, there are other materials that are better suited for certain applications. For example, polyurethane sprockets have excellent wear resistance, but may be too flexible to drive a belt. Therefore, it is important to find the right combination of materials to get the job done.
If you are in the market for a plastic sprocket, contact a reputable manufacturer. These companies offer a wide range of standard and custom sizes to meet any of your needs. They can also offer czpt delivery for quick turnaround. They specialize in custom manuManufactured and certified to ISO 9001:2000.
Imao offers sprockets in a variety of different materials. They are available in a variety of sizes and feature either molded ball bearings or fiberglass reinforced bearings. These sprockets are designed for sawmills and other light duty applications. They are also resilient and can be used in any type of sawmill.

Aluminum sprocket

Aluminum sprockets save weight and increase the speed of the bike. The material used to make them is 7075-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, which makes them lightweight and durable. The teeth are also formed on the hobbing machine so they fit perfectly and reduce friction. They also have an anodized color finish for added strength and durability.
The size you need depends on your wheel setup and the type of terrain you ride. Larger sprockets are better for slower terrain and provide more torque. However, larger sprockets tend to reduce top speed, so you may need to adjust accordingly. If you have an OEM 19″ or 16″ setup, 52t/54t sprockets are the most recommended option. 7075-T6 aluminum also reduces weight and rolling mass.
China Agricultural 11t Sprocket     sprocket barChina Agricultural 11t Sprocket     sprocket bar
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